A Guide to Filing Taxes…For Procrastinators (Infographic)

CWI Filing Taxes For Procrastinators

While many have already filed their taxes and received their refunds etc., others have yet to begin the process. We all know filing taxes can be intimidating or exhausting, with all the hours that can be required when you’re filing yourself. We found A Guide to Filing Taxes for Procrastinators from HR Block.

Don’t Procrastinate

Although the infographic is from a few years ago, we found it still serves as a great guide to filing. Remember, the filing deadline is April 17th, as opposed to its usual April 15th date. Two extra days to avoid late-payment penalties if you owe money. Take full advantage it’ll be April before you know it. Should you be filing on your own, read this article to learn tips for safe cyber usage to incorporate during filing taxes.

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