Office Fit: How To Sneak In Exercise At Work

CWI Underwriters exercise at work

Last year, studies circulated conducted by Dr. William Tigbe from the Warwick Medical School, who found further scientific evidence that office job or sedentary jobs are disastrous to cardiovascular health. We know heart health is important. The only way to keep your heart healthy is to get your body moving. Studies show that spending 7 hours a day on your feet or walking a minimum of 7 miles daily can combat cardiovascular disease and to maintain a healthy weight. Or you can exercise at work, it’s easier than it sounds.

Working Out Is A Life Style

However, we also know life gets in the way. You know all the clichés, being active is a lifestyle and should be incorporated into our daily lives. We also know that many people don’t find the time to put their health first. We thought we’d help inspire you to exercise at work. Keep in mind that these moves don’t have to be done all at once for productivity’s sake.

Exercise At Work

Here are a few exercises that you can try at your desk. Remember to hydrate, eat a balanced breakfast, and choose healthy snack options like fruit or nuts. Could these exercises be really embarrassing? Definitely! Will they ultimately benefit you and your heart health? Absolutely. 

Try them out. Let us know your favorites or even better embarrassing stories of how your co-workers were saw you lunging in front of your computer.