Meet Esther Gravier – Client Relations Specialist

Meet Esther Gravier – Client Relations Specialist

Meet Esther Gravier!

Esther is our Client Relations Specialist. She is the first vibrant ray of sunshine you see when visiting CWI or maybe we should call her a sunset due to her love for purple.

What makes Esther so special? She has an amazing memory. If you’ve had an issue needing to be remedied or if you’ve visited the office there’s a huge chance, she’ll remember you. Some of us can’t remember yesterday’s lunch!

We know there is more than one dimension to a person. Therefore, we sat down with Esther to get personal:

  • Who is Esther? 

I was born and raised in South Florida, I believe that anything you want to do can be achieved with the right determination.

  • You suddenly have an extra hour of free time, what do you do in this time?

I could be found reading or crocheting.

  • Tell us about your home life? Pets, kids, married?

I have 2 dogs, both Dachshunds. I have 2 great kids, and I am married to the G, better known as Luis Gravier.

  • Any secret talents?

I’m a crocheting ninja, need a blanket or a scarf I’m your gal.

  • Your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?

Europe, Italy, and France because of its history.

  • What is a piece of valued advice you to have for anyone in the market for insurance?

Always look for a company that’s honest and has the customers interest first like CWI.