Meet Gerry Rivas – Personal Lines Specialist

Gerry Rivas Insurance Agent

Meet Gerardo “Gerry” Rivas!

Gerry is a Personal Insurance Specialist. In the market for a new home? Let Gerry guide you through the main factors you may be overlooking on your search, and what could potentially save you money or even land you on the insurance blacklist –Yikes!!

With his experience as a leading customer service professional and vast knowledge of all things homeowners. We have no doubt that you will be highly satisfied with him on your side.  Plus, he’s our one-man band Human Resources Department, when it comes to policy and procedure, he’s your guy.

We know there is more than one dimension to a person, Therefore, we sat down with Gerry to get personal: 

  • Who is Gerry?

Gerry is a simple guy, likes what he does at CWI and loves to spend time with his wife and dog Lilo.

  • You suddenly have an extra hour of free time, what do you do in this time?

SLEEP… If I could choose a place, it’ll be a nice afternoon nap at the beach.

  • Tell us about your home life? Pets, kids, married?

I’ve been happily married for 2 years, no human kids but 1 puppy.

  • Any secret talents?

I play Bass guitar.

  • Your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?

Peru, I loved the food and connection to nature. It was a quiet and relaxing place. The specific city I visited is Cusco and Machu Picchu.

  • What is a piece of valued advice you have for anyone in the market for insurance?

You are an individual and you are valuable. Make sure your agent treats you that way and not just as a number. Make sure you get more than just a 15 minutes consultation.