Meet Miriam Perez – Commercial Lines Risk Guru

CWI Meet Miriam

Meet Miriam Perez!

She’s our Commercial Lines Support Specialist. Miriam has over 15 years of commercial business insurance. She understands that your ever-growing business has specific needs and she’ll make sure those needs are met.

Miriam is fascinated with identifying exposure risk and business communications. She understands that within the industry commercial business are constantly evolving and so should your policy. It doesn’t hurt that she makes a great cafecito, be sure to grab a cup when visiting the office you won’t regret it.

We know there is more than one dimension to a person. Therefore, we sat down with Miriam to get personal:

• Who is Miriam?
I’m Cuban-American… DNA makes me, me! LOL Nothing too serious. I enjoy life, people, and I learn from every life experience as well as the people I meet. But really the best part of me is being a MOM.

• You suddenly have an extra hour of free time, what do you do in this time?
I spend that time with my fabulous daughter Genesis and hubby. Oh, what the heck if possible I’d like to spend that time with the whole family.

• Tell us about your home life? Pets, kids, married?
I’m a serious gamer & diver. I have one dog she’s a hotdog lol named Penelope, a 21- year-old daughter Genesis and my hubby Julio who holds us down.

• Any secret talents?
I can draw, dance, and I’m crafty.

• Your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?
Greece, Italy, Egypt, (the whole Mediterranean) its full of history, culture, art, beauty, and OMG the FOOD.

• What is a piece of valued advice you have for anyone in the market for insurance?
My advice is love what you do and do it to the max, let us worry about service.