Time For an Auto Insurance Review!

Time For an Auto Insurance Review!

How long has it been that you don’t sit down and review your auto insurance policy? It’s recommended that you review your policy at least twice a year. Some changes you make in your life can positively affect your auto insurance premiums and also give you better coverage to any unknown exposures you may have. Below are a few examples.

Moved to a new address

Auto insurance rates depend on the territory where the vehicle is garaged, so if you’ve recently moved there is a chance depending on where you’ve moved that the premium can decrease.

Child goes away to college

There is a rating that can be put on your Auto insurance policy rating the child as “away at school” if they still have a driver’s license but no vehicle at college. If they did take a vehicle to college, you can also rate the car at the new address of the college and it can impact your premium.

Recently purchased a home

Being a homeowner can give you a pretty substantial discount on your auto insurance. If you became a homeowner, let your carrier know so that the discount is added.

CWI Underwriters Insurance writes with eight A+ rated Auto insurance carriers that offer all kinds of discounts to help you save money. If you’ve had any recent changes on your auto insurance policy, give us a call so we can help you review it!