Travel Hacks For Flying

CWI Travel Hacks For Flying

Summer is here! I’m sure everyone is either planning last minute vacations, or hoping for some summer fun. Traveling is exciting! New places, new people, new adventures, and no one to answer to but the sun. Either way chances are you consider yourself an expert traveler. Think again! We recently traveled to Cleveland, Ohio for Agency Nation’s Elevate Conference and I’m going to share our travel hacks for flying!

Travel Hacks For Flying: 

  • Travel-Hacks-For-Flying-CWIA Reusable Water Bottle – Airport prices are high and staying hydrated is definitely a priority. To save yourself a few bucks during your summer travel, you can bring your favorite reusable bottle. Just make sure it’s empty when going through the security check points and fill it on the other side before boarding the plane.
  • Moisturizer – The recycled air that is used in the planes will wreak havoc on your skin, keep your skin refresh by carrying a carry on size moisturizer and be generous with the application while on board.
  • Eye Mask – If you’re anything like me traveling gives you some anxiety, specifically the idea of missing your flight. I got some necessary sleep in with the help of an eye mask. It helped to perfectly block out any light causing me to drift into sleep effortlessly.
  • Neck Pillow – We all know regardless of how you fly, it doesn’t hurt to have more comfort. Wearing your neck pillow under your chin will keep your head supported when you doze off.
  • Chapstick – No one wants cracked, chapped lips its painful and an eyesore. Also, should you cut yourself shaving a swipe of chapstick on the cut will stop the bleeding.
  • Snacks – avoid salty snacks and water retention by bringing your own snacks. Use small ziploc bags or pack fruit. You can’t go wrong with dried fruit, nuts, and cheese sticks.
  • Fly Through Security Checkpoints – This part of the trip could go really well or really bad really quick. To help alleviate the wait opt for the checkpoint on the far left. Since most people are right handed they tend to go to the left when presented with options. Go against the crowd and breeze by in a flash.

For International Travel: 

  • Ask and you shall receive – Ask about upgrades!  You could get lucky and get a free seat upgrade to business or first class.  If there is a signature drink of the country you are visiting, asking for a sample can get you a free drink on some flights. Always say please and thank you.
  • Traveling with kids – Traveling with little ones can be very difficult. One way to ease their discomfort is to pack lollipops on your carry on to soothe their ears popping on the flight. Also, packing an inflatable beach ball can help keep them busy during long layovers.

The most important hack of all is to remain a positive, traveling can be stressful but keep your mind on all of the new and refreshing things that wait for you on the other side.