Meet Ana Camacho – Personal Lines Educating Specialist

CWI Ana Camacho Personal Lines

Meet Ana Camacho!

Ana is one of our Personal Lines Insurance Specialist. She’s also one of our biggest educators, her passion for people is superior. She has over 40 years of customer service experience and the patience to teach anyone all they need to know about the benefits of insurance coverage.

Ana’s main objective is to protect you with options. She’ll be the guiding light throughout this sometimes-tedious process, the best part is that she’ll make it painless and expand your knowledge at the same time.

We know there is more than one dimension to a person. Therefore, we sat down with Ana to get personal:

  • Who is Ana?

I was born in Carson City, Nevada and I grew up in Long Island, New York.

  • You suddenly have an extra hour of free time, what do you do in this time?

An extra hour of free time would allow me to spend time with my family while working on crafts.

  • Tell us about your home life? Pets, kids, married?

I’ve been married for 36 years, we have 2 joyous dogs and 2 incredible children.

  • Any secret talents?

I love to take and edit photos. I enjoy sewing, work with gourds, stained glass.  I’ll try just about any craft.

  • Your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?

I visited Costa Rica with my family. I lived there for quite some time as well. Costa Rica has awesome food, it’s a great getaway destination as there are lots of things to do.

  • What is a piece of valued advice you to have for anyone in the market for insurance?

I’d say educate yourself. This way whatever insurance policy is purchased it’ll be the best fit for your lifestyle needs.