#CWICares Books for Bikes with Hawkes Bluff Elementary

HB Books For Bikes

The Plan

From January to March 18th, we partnered with Hawkes Bluff Elementary to launch #CWICares Books for Bikes initiative. We knew these kids would shine but we had no idea we would need sunglasses to get us through!

We were honored to give back to Ciara’s Alma mater. Ciara attended Hawkes Bluff Elementary, and when we were looking for ways to inspire our local Davie community they were a perfect fit! Thank you to Paradiso Insurance for leading by example. We also want to thank St. John’s Insurance for being our partner through this initiative.

CWI Underwriters wanted to create change and inspire children to use their imaginations while leading healthy lives. To motivate the children we gave away one bike to each grade level, K-5. Most exciting of all, this was the first year the kindergarten participated in any kind of reading initiative and they ROCKED IT!

The Outcome

We want to congratulate all of the students of Hawkes Bluff Elementary for their hard work, aside from the Books for Bikes initiative, the students made incredible achievements in math and science alike, participating for the first time in the Robotics World Championship in Kentucky last April led by Ms. Unger-Fink.

The pride these children’s display was inspiring, they cheered their classmates on as the winners were announced each day, we heard stories from them parents about the student’s motivation and dedication to reading everyday. The #CWICares Books For Bikes initiative was in addition to the schools on going required reading goals. The teachers played a huge blessing to us and the students, their determination to inspire and lift these students to their highest potential.

Thank you!

Parents, you are all superstars!  Your children shine because of your dedication and countless hours you put into their studies.


The #CWICares Books For Bikes Superstars!