Meet Macielle Betances – Marketing Maven

Meet Macielle Betances CWI

Meet Macielle Betances!

She’s CWI new Marketing Director. Macielle brings us over 10 years of customer service experience and a degree in Journalism. A New York native, she has a real talent for balancing multiple roles while completing a Bachelors degree in Organizational Communications from Florida International University.

Go Panthers!

Macie previously worked with Memorial Healthcare System specializing in benefit verification and departmental training and was part of the newsletter staff. Also, Macie worked with, as the Community Relations Director, handling all communications to readers of the women empowerment brand.

She’s our resident pescatarian bartender who can be found with coffee in hand at any given time.

We know there is more than one dimension to a person. Therefore, we sat down with Macie to get personal:

• Who is Macie?
I’m from the Big Apple, of Dominican descent with a knack for seeing the positive side of all situations.

• You suddenly have an extra hour of free time, what do you do in this time?
I would read or meditate! It’s so important to take time to center your thoughts.

• Tell us about your home life? Pets, kids, married?
I’m in a loving relationship of 3 years, no kids but I have a darling fur baby who goes by the name of Nyla, a six-year-old Dorkie (Dachshund – Yorkie Mix)

• Any secret talents?
I love to inspire and empower others. I do so by sharing my story on my personal platform,, where I strive to break the stereotypes placed on Latina’s and body image. I have a bartending license and interior decorate in my spare time.

• Your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?
Riveria Maya, Mexico must be my favorite destination thus far. On this adventure, I crossed out a few bucket list items like zip-lining over 300 feet in the air in the jungle and visiting fresh water cenotes (natural sinkhole, made from a limestone collapse).

• What is a piece of valued advice you have for anyone in the market for insurance?
Be mindful of what your needs are, work solely with a team that understands that your needs are yours. Don’t fall victim to cookie cutter products.