Hawkes Bluff Elementary #BooksForBikes Campaign Presented By #CWICares

Hawkes Bluff Elementary #BooksForBikes Campaign Presented By #CWICares

CWI Underwriters cares about its community, from fostering dachshunds from the Dachshunds Rescue of South Florida to our annual Feeding South Florida Efforts, we strive to be an impacting force and look towards the future. Through #CWICares we do our part to make a change.


#CWICares and #BooksForBikes

In addition to our current efforts for community change, we have partnered with Hawkes Bluff Elementary School to shape the future through the students. The #BooksForBikes Campaign encourages literacy and an active lifestyle. The students, grades K-5,  are motivated to read many books from January 15 to May 18, 2018.  Then, the student’s will take a comprehensive test on what they read and will be awarded points upon passing. At the end of the contest, the students with the most points per grade level will receive a new bicycle.


The Connection

Our Workers Compensation Queen, Ciara Gravier is Hawkes Bluff Alumni. Hawkes Bluff has provided many wonderful memories, and we wanted to find a way to encourage children to strengthen their literacy skills as well as their imagination. The New York Times stated that children don’t think independently when being stimulated with electronic devices. Studies have shown that the electronics have a numbing effect on the frontal lobe of the brain. This ultimately affects mental development and can lead to obesity in many other cases.

Tablets and computers are sedentary actions, the children of 15 years ago were the ones who played outside. Jungle gyms and tag were their games, they enjoyed physical activity as a form of play. While today’s play dates usually include technology more often than physical play. #CWICares is creating opportunities to learn and create better habits for the future.


Watch for #CWICares updates and the #BooksForBikes winners to be

awarded in May 2018.

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