Is My Lost Luggage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Is My Lost Luggage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Lost luggage?


Our amazing agent, Ciara Gravier insurance superstar, asked me this question. And I was like…

Who? Why would-?

I don’t know…does it?

Needless to say I had to look this up because never, in a million years, in a million bajillion years, would I have ever asked this question.

Lo and behold, it does. I’ll explain.

The “Mr. Worldwide” Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance is very clingy in that it follows you and your family wherever you go. (think guardian angel…or guardian angel that also carries a list of exclusions)

It also covers your belongings anywhere in the world. This is a St. John’s policy. (More on St. John’s later…)

st. john's coverage c

In Cancun and bought one of those shell necklaces? You know the one…BOOM covered.

Got that smashing Hublot at the airport? SHAZAM! Covered.

Golf clubs stolen from the trunk of your car? WHIZPOP! Covered.

Shivering wife sleeping so you get her a blanket? MARRIAGE COMMITMENT! Covered…literally.

Luggage is Covered but…

Point is that you, your family, and your belongings are covered wherever you may be. By the way fellow renters, the answer is yes. Renters Insurance does cover “Off Premises” too.

That’s all fine and dandy but as adults we need to ask ourselves, is it worth the claim?

In most cases, no.

Do you have a $5,000+ ring? Then allow me to explain something.

In this policy the deductible is $2,500. The limit for jewelry is $1,500.

Do you want 30% of your ring back? Or 100%? There’s a better option for you and your ring. Schedule your jewelry. More on this on another post.

Now let’s go back to the luggage question. Yes it is covered by your homeowners. But you’ll first have to pay the $2,500 deductible to activate the coverage. And while the Personal Property coverage in this policy is around $120,000 and luggage doesn’t fall under any special peril like jewelry, do you have over $2,500 in your bag? Probably not right.

And then you have to deal with a strike against you in front of insurance companies due to a frivolous claim you felt like submitting. But hey, I have two more options for you.

Plastic To The Rescue

Enter my credit card…again.

Here’s what my credit card offers:

citi card luggage coverage

Lookie here! No deductible and we’re already double the coverage of the homeowner’s policy.

Fine print:

citi card luggage coverage 2

Okay. So this works on planes, trains, and automobiles cruise ships. I cannot stress enough how many little perks your credit cards provide sometimes. You just have to look. 

Lastly you can always purchase some form of insurance from your airline to protect your luggage in case it’s either lost or stolen.

Look at you! You’re like CWI with all these options!

I’ll be back later this week with how to best protect your most valuable valuables.