All The Ways CWI Is Here For YOU!

CWI All the ways to communicate

Communication is important, especially in partnerships. CWI recognizes your trust in us as a partner.Working with us gains you an additional team of protection and resource. We understand insurance can be tricky and complicated, but our goal is to simplify the entire process.  To do this we reject communication automation because we know that your concerns are unique and an answering system won’t provide you the insight we can. We make communicating with your insurance specialist seamless in time of crisis, for general questions, and feedback alike.

In order to meet your needs, we have a few different ways you could communicate with your insurance specialist. They are:

1. Call The Office

Our phone lines are open Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Every time you call, you will get a knowledgeable insurance specialist who is ready to answer your questions and tackle your problems head-on. So there’s never a reason to go through any problem alone, we’ll keep you well informed and provide you with consulting specifically for your industry or lifestyle needs.

We don’t use an answering service because it’s important that we serve you efficiently. What better way to do that, other than with a licensed agent on the other end of the phone.

2. Text Us

Did you know you can text us any questions or concerns that arise? It’s simple the same number you would call can be used with a simple text. Via the texting feature, you can send pictures too, and since timing is everything this tool is instant.

So, how does it work? When you send a text to CWI, the message populates as a pop up on every agent’s workspace. The message will remain on the all the agent’s workspace until someone claims the message. Once the message is claimed, the agent is able to save the conversation if need be and respond back to you as a text as well. Allowing you to continue on your busy day and still get the information you need.

3. Email Us

We love e-mail too, it’s more personal and direct in most cases. It also allows to save and keep a record of our communications. They are received quick and answered even quicker in most cases. our general e-mail is or if you already have an agent you are working with use their first name to reach them specifically.

4. Visit The Office

We love to see your faces! Pay us a visit if you’re in the Davie area. We have an open door policy, no need to make an appointment. Come enjoy Miriam’s amazing cafecito and get free cuddles from Beasley, our therapy dog in training. The best part of visiting us is while you enjoy your visit, we’ll work to resolve any problems you may want to address.

Now that you know all of the ways to communicate with us, we hope to see you soon!