Hurricane Preparedness: Quick Safety Tips

Hurricane Preparedness CWI

Our rainy weather has us thinking of the quickly arriving hurricane season. Last year, Hurricane Irma left 1 million people without power in Puerto Rico. The Category 5 storm left homes flattened, flooding and widespread devastation. Although, we were lucky in comparison, the images of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma will not soon be forgotten. […]

Record Retention: How Long To Keep Insurance Records

CWI Underwriters

Companies can build up a substantial collection of records over their years in operation. While nobody wants to be stuck holding onto documents that have outlived their usefulness, throwing away a document only to find out later that you need it can be a costly mistake. Insurance paperwork is particularly problematic—many businesses are unsure of […]

You Won’t Believe the Top Industries in Need of Commercial Auto Insurance

CWI Commercial Auto Top Industries

According to a recent study by MarketStance, growth in small and middle commercial market risks caused an increase in the commercial insurance market in 2016. Among those industries named were specialty trade contractors, building construction, real estate, and new and used car dealers—all of which, in addition to property and casualty coverage, likely also need commercial […]

What’s Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

CWI What’s Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

We’ve recently looked at the different industries that benefit from commercial auto insurance. We’ve also, detailed how personal and commercial auto insurance differs. That being said, many small business owners still aren’t sure what is covered by commercial auto insurance. What’s Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance? Collision Coverage Whether bad weather or a distracted driver are to […]

What’s The Password? Make It Stronger

CWI Password Strong

A Balancing Act Between Memorable and Complex Thinking of a new password can be frustrating—every service and website seems to have different requirements about length, complexity and special characters. In order to secure yourself against hackers, it’s important to think of a password that’s both memorable and complex. What’s In A Password? Most websites and […]

Meet Miriam Perez – Commercial Lines Risk Guru

CWI Meet Miriam

Meet Miriam Perez! She’s our Commercial Lines Support Specialist. Miriam has over 15 years of commercial business insurance. She understands that your ever-growing business has specific needs and she’ll make sure those needs are met. Miriam is fascinated with identifying exposure risk and business communications. She understands that within the industry commercial business are constantly […]