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Intro If you’ve followed us on Instagram or Facebook then you’d know by now that this past summer we started fostering dogs at the agency. For months we discussed ways to do more for the community. In the past, CWI has volunteered here and there but we wanted to do more. So, in a touch of genius, Ciara proposed we […]

2018: This Year You’re Saving…for real this time


Intro You said it last year…..and the year before that. “Next year I’m going to pay off my debts and start saving.”   But really what happens? It’s March, the holiday season dug you deeper, you’re still trying to pay that off, and you’re nowhere near paying off the debts you started with. Never mind growing […]

Don’t Make this Mistake in Your Business

Don’t Make this Mistake in Your Business

Common insurance mistake: Business owners believe property and general liability insurance will cover all the risks they face; or they’re aware of other dangers but don’t think they can be protected. In most cases, they’re wrong on either count. Scores of additional hazards may threaten a business, while almost every conceivable risk can be protected […]

7 Steps to Creating an Emergency Plan for Your Business

7 Steps to Creating an Emergency Plan for Your Business

I hope this never happens to you.. but it could: A sudden emergency, potentially life-threatening, hits your business. Are you ready? Does everyone know what to do? What’s your emergency plan? You may be protected by insurance but an emergency plan could also save lives– and your business. And if you don’t have one, it […]

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