6 Steps Towards A Positive Employee Culture

6 Steps Towards A Positive Employee Culture

There is nothing more important to a business than its employee culture. Truth be told, the biggest challenge is keeping employees motivated. A motivated employee can create a positive work environment while keeping productivity at optimal levels. Usually, a positive employee’s attitude will spread like wildfire amongst other employees. The same can be said for […]

5 Tips For Training Your New Pet

5 Tips For Training Your New Pet

Background As you know we’ve been working with dachshunds since mid-last year. As a foster dad, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to training a new pet. From 1 year-old to 10-year old, I’ve had the joy of being able to semi-train our fosters at least for a while before they meet their families. […]



Intro If you’ve followed us on Instagram or Facebook then you’d know by now that this past summer we started fostering dogs at the agency. For months we discussed ways to do more for the community. In the past, CWI has volunteered here and there but we wanted to do more. So, in a touch of genius, Ciara proposed we […]

Meet Ciara Gravier – Workers Compensation Queen

Ciara Gravier Insurance maven

Meet Ciara Gravier! Ciara is our insurance maven. She has her hands on every piece of insurance that walks through CWI, often lending a helping hand and a second pair of eyes to be certain you are getting exactly what you need. Ciara specializes in Commercial Insurance with various designations such as the Certified Insurance […]

2018: This Year You’re Saving…for real this time


Intro You said it last year…..and the year before that. “Next year I’m going to pay off my debts and start saving.”   But really what happens? It’s March, the holiday season dug you deeper, you’re still trying to pay that off, and you’re nowhere near paying off the debts you started with. Never mind growing […]